candles & smudge



Enchanted Candles

These candles are all hand rolled made with foraged herb blends & specific flowers for powerful manifestation and strong candle magick. Set your own personal intention for each candle or combine in a specific candle magick spell. Candles are all infused with powerful manifestation intention, positivity and strength for spell work. Abundance, prosperity, protection, love, money, cleansing, peace, health, spirit connection etc.


Custom Candles

These candles are custom crafted with your specific intention. Whatever it is you would like to manifest through candle magick, love - health - career - abundance - travel... a custom made candle set with intention can help. These candles can be made for you to use at home or can be kept in the studio on the altar to be lit by Carlee each Tuesday for seven Tuesday's for powerful manifestation.



Smudge Burnables

Hand rolled smudge sticks. Use for clearing, cleansing, energetic release, sending prayers up to the heavens, manifestation, grounding, restoring balance. Sage, Mint, Thyme, Lavender.


Goddess Box

Handcrafted Goddess box to put on altar or store witchy items. Crafted with positive intent and loving energy. Pulling in the power, energy and manifestation powers of the Goddess.