Carlee Lloyd is the creative director behind The Self-Care Enthusiast and host of:

Self-Care For Your Business Mondays and Revenue Monkey. Two shows native to LinkedIn but you can also find them on YouTube.

The Self-Care Enthusiast is redefining self-care and what it means to be unapologetically YOU. The power of getting REAL and owning who you are 100%.

Since launching the brand, The Self-Care Enthusiast has been an on-going contributor on Thrive Global sharing on all things self-care & business. Had the opportunity to interview amazing individuals like Claude Silver and Rich Cardona, and built a growing following on her favorite platforms.

Carlee lives in Ontario, Canada with her cat Quincy Jones and French-bulldog Alice.

Want to know more? In this blog post shares Carlee’s journey in an open tell-all about alcholism, relationships and self-care.