Courses & Workshops

Discover Your Divine Purpose

This is an online week long course designed to help you awaken to your highest purpose. Do you feel called to do more? Are you wanting to start a heart-filled business? Are you unsure about what it is you are supposed to be doing here? We do not have to stay stuck. We often box ourselves in based on "society" and what we feel "others" think we should be doing at our age. This course will break down the walls we have built up, uncover hidden desires and get back to work that allows us to feel alive and good each and every day. This course is specifically for people who are looking to make a change of career or begin something new. It is for people who are ready to step whole heartedly into their purpose & passion... and thrive doing so. This is a REAL action course. Once we have discovered your purpose at this time we can create actionable steps to help you live out that purpose and create change within yourself and your community. Are you ready to step into your purpose and thrive? Join us on this week long course starting August 1st, 2019. Once you have secured your spot with a only a $40 investment you will be invited into the private group learning centre. Each day there will be a video to watch, a worksheet (only 2 minutes to complete) and interactive lives to ask questions and talk. Everyone will get 2 private hour long calls to discuss and calculate an action plan moving forward. Because I will need to offer everyone 2 hours of private calls, videos and interactive chats there is a limit to 15 people at this time. I so look forward to working with you, creating change and watching you spread your wings. Love & Light, Carlee.