Dream Wheels

Simply Sacred

This dream wheel is a sacred home adornment, soaked and infused with rose water & hibiscus. It aides in relaxation, sleep, calm and peaceful states. Handmade and set with loving intentions and reiki energy.


Sunshine Half-Moon Catcher

Handcrafted and infused with essential oils of lemon grass and white sage it aides in protection, new beginnings, organization, growth and abundance. A sacred home adornment with 3 carefully chosen crystals, infused with specific intent and reiki energy.


Lavender Medicine Wheel

Hand crafted with fallen vine this medicine wheel aides in love, self-worth, intimacy, relaxation, restoration and abundance. Lavender and Rose quartz crystal carefully chosen. It is a sacred home adornment infused with specific intent and reiki healing energy.


Mini Pride Dream Catcher

Hand crafted in celebration of pride month. For love of all kinds, happiness, joy and serenity. Infused with joyful intent and reiki healing energy.