A self-care brand dedicated entirely to YOU.


Think a healthy nutrient rich smoothie in one hand and a good book in the other…followed by chocolate as a chaser (of course).

Here we talk about both the pleasure that comes with self-care (hello bubble bath) and the tough, often necessary side (hello self-parenting).

The brand and the business are both really about sharing our vulnerabilities and talking about the truth of the matter, that self-care is often messy and challenging and you’re sometimes not even sure if you’re doing it right.

I believe that self-care can be for both individuals and for companies. Ultimately humans need to feel safe, connected, and nurtured in order to perform properly. Self-care can transform toxic work environments, build strong teams, recover from a financial loss or grow solid brand awareness. Recovery for a business is the same as an individual recovering from a personal struggle, 12 steps to personal and professional success.

It is my mission to help other people be unapologetically themselves in person and through social media. Talking about real topics is a sure-fire way to do just that.

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Vulnerability is a superpower, kindness is strength and love is pure gold.

Self-care is the foundation for self-worth, which allows you  to be the kick-ass successful boss you already are.