Policies & Ethics

These policies & ethics pertain to the readings & services done by Carlee. To find the “house rules” for the yoga we offer you can visit the yoga page.

You won’t find anything quite alarming here, just a few things we need to cover before moving forward. I’m sure you understand.


Upon booking a reading please provide me with the area of focus. My readings are highly in-depth lasting 2 hours and co-creating an experience of healing, insight, uncovering. Cards will be pulled and turned over – conversations will be spoken – tea will be had – changes will take place.

Tarot cards are used. If you are coming for an in-person reading I will ask you to select the tarot deck you feel most called too. For an email or video reading I will select based on my intuition.

Refunds can be given up to 3 days before the reading — Refunds can not be given after the reading has taken place or after you have purchased a course which is instant download.

No show policy, if you booked a reading and failed to show up – you can rebook only 1 time. If you fail to show up again there will be no refund and you will need to book again with payment should you want to have a reading.



Readings are about what is best for YOU. I cannot read for a 3rd party who is not present, Β the readings I give are to help you on your journey to become an empowered creator of your own reality. Β I aide you in making the best possible decision or creating the best possible course of action moving forward. All guidance is for your greatest and highest good. In that sense I am not the reader that will tell you exactly what you want to hear or tell you without a doubt in 3 years time you will meet someone that will forever change your life. What I will do is sit down with you and have a real reading about what the cards are bringing up for your life in this moment and how to move forward in your power.


Confidentiality is something I take very seriously. Anything we discuss during a reading or during any of my services (custom candle work, reiki, past life etc) stays between us. I believe during this time we create a sacred bond and that confidentiality is THE key component. This work is very special to me and I will not compromise it for anything.

Not a replacement for a licensed medical professional or counsellor. The readings and services are a tool but should not be seen as a replacement for professional treatment. The services and readings should be seen as a tool or aide in your overall wellness “box” so to speak.

Should you have anymore questions or concerns before booking a reading or service you can contact me by email at: lloydcarlee@gmail.com