THE SELF-CARE ENTHUSIAST is a daily 10 minute show that airs on LinkedIn each evening at 6pm EST. It’s dedicated to inspiring small and large businesses/entrepreneurs to grow, create and generate revenue in creative – forward thinking ways.  [ It’s pretty kick-ass ]


Self-Care For Your Business Monday is a show that airs each and every Monday on LinkedIn and YouTube that covers problems that businesses face and offers creative, empathy driven solutions you can’t find anywhere else.


Celebrate Your Shortcomings Tuesday is a quick 5 minute show celebrating vulnerability and turning weaknesses into super strengths. People pleasing, real self-care, addiction, mental health, poverty are all topics discussed and covered in a fun-energetic and utterly bare way. Find it on LinkedIn and YouTube


Epic Come-up Thursday – Every Thursday I share stories of amazing human beings who started from nothing and made it all the way to the top in their chosen field. I also provide step by step examples on how they achieved success so you can too. On LinkedIn and YouTube.


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