Tarot & Custom Candle

Witchy Chat

This is a 30 minute chat about all things witchy. Feel free to ask any questions, pick my brain about the craft, building a business, self-care, shadow work, self-exploration, the art of tarot etc. During this chat I will not be pulling any cards. It is a chance for us to talk about anything you wish, to uncover or come up with solutions to things that may be puzzling you, to build a direction or a way forward in some area of your life. or to simply connect further. Please come ready with a list or topic/general theme you would like to discuss. To book please provide payment first and then email me at: lloydcarlee@gmail.com You will automatically be sent a link to my calendar where you can book.



Before purchasing please take a moment to read what my readings are like to get a better sense of what you are choosing. My readings are very in depth often running 1.5 to 2 hours. We cover a main point in the “now” of your life, and look at all realms of possibility moving forward. I do not tell concrete futures as I believe we all have the power of choice, free- will, and to a certain extent can create our own realities. That means you have a spectrum of possibilities before you, so let’s chat about them. I will also give you some “homework” or “soul work” to take with you, and a recap of all that we have discussed. If this sounds like something that could benefit you, I’d love to read the cards as they lay. All readings are custom readings — they can be done over the phone, Skype, email or in person if you are in the location. All readings are a mixture of tarot and automatic writing. Combined in this way is what I feel provides the best possible readings for the highest and greatest good of the inquirer. Payment must be made before booking. To book after please email with desired date and time if applicable. For an email reading please send your email address. My Email is: lloydcarlee@gmail.com


Custom Candles

These candles are custom crafted with your specific intention. Whatever it is you would like to manifest through candle magick, love - health - career - abundance - travel... a custom made candle set with intention can help. These candles can be made for you to use at home or can be kept in the studio on the altar to be lit by Carlee each Tuesday for seven Tuesday's for powerful manifestation.


3 Month Tarot Soul Intensive

This is a very intensive partnership for the duration of 3 months. It is to align yourself with your highest purpose, your souls calling. It will help you to confirm your path, start your heart centred business or set in motion a grand adventure you've been meaning to take for some time now. It is deep, meaningful and creates a lasting change. It gives you weekly tarot spreads, 1 phone call every 2 weeks, a created action plan - vision board - manifestation work. We will work together closely over the course of 3 months with the aide of tarot to "fuel your fire" and ignite your life.